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It’s not rare to have a rare disease.

More than 30 million Americans have one of many rare diseases. But since a single rare disease affects fewer than 200,000 people, it can be hard to find specialized advice and care with experience treating one specific rare disease. AmbitCare understands that seizures and developmental delays can be indicators for numerous rare diseases. If you or your loved ones are exhibiting these symptoms, AmbitCare can help you explore possibilities and take the next step.

Rare disease by the numbers:
1 in 10 Americans is living with a rare disease.
There are approximately 7,000 known rare diseases.
80% of rare diseases are genetic in origin.

Source: Global Genes, February 27, 2009

AmbitCare can help you understand how rare disease might be part of your story.

The average person with a rare disease sees 7.3 specialists over a span of 5-7 years before receiving an accurate diagnosis. An AmbitCare Ambassador can help, at no cost to you, figure out your next step toward diagnosis and care.

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* Please note that while AmbitCare Ambassadors can help you better understand what resources are available for families with loved ones suffering from seizures and developmental delays, they are not licensed medical providers and thus can neither diagnose any disease or disorder nor endorse or recommend any specific medical treatments.

A photo of a caregiver guiding her child. AmbitCare is here to help you to get a correct diagnosisA photo of a caregiver guiding her child. AmbitCare is here to help you to get a correct diagnosis