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Learn more about AmbitCare and our genetic counseling partnership

We Provide Free Genetic Counseling and Testing for Qualifying Patients

Patients age 7 years and under qualify for free genetic counseling and testing if: 

  • Have had 1 or more seizures of unknown etiology
  • Have not received a genetic diagnosis

Patients age 8 years and older qualify for free genetic counseling if: 

  • Have had 2 or more seizures of unknown etiology
  • Are experiencing either developmental delay or regression, intellectual disability or dysmorphic features
  • Have not received a genetic diagnosis

DNAVisit is our Trusted Genetics Partner

  • DNAVisit consists of board-certified genetic counselors who provide virtual genetic counseling services.
  • Through our partnership with them, we are able to provide patients with no cost genetic counseling.
  • DNAVisit is lab agnostic, meaning they select the laboratory and the test that is best for the patient.

AmbitCare's Genetic Counseling Process Provides 1:1 Support to Patients who Register

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Determine eligible patients
→ Physician identify eligible patients.
→ Ambit works with physician to determine follow up plan to link patients with AmbitCare.

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Connect patients with AmbitCare
→ Patient contacts AmbitCare and speaks to an AmbitCare Ambassador to review the genetic counseling process and consent.
→ The caregiver receives an email from DNAVisit to schedule their genetic counseling appointment at a time that is convenient for them.

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Genetic counseling
→ Patient receives virtual genetic counseling in desired format (phone or video call) from home - or any location.
→ Physician receives genetic counseling summary directly from the counseling partner.

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Genetic testing, if appropriate
→ If testing is recommended, our genetic counseling partner will select and order the genetic test.
→ Remote testing is completed by saliva or buccal swab collection. If a draw is needed, the testing company will arrange. 

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Post-test counseling and support
→ The patient/caregiver is contacted to schedule post-test counseling.
→ Test results/counseling reports are provided directly to the physician.

Speak with a Liaison to discuss patients who may benefit from these services. The Liaison is also available to answer questions about our genetic screening program.

Speak to a Liaison