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There are many potential causes of seizures and developmental delay.

You or your loved ones may have a diagnosis of seizures and/or global developmental delay, but you may not know what the underlying cause is. Some causes of seizures and developmental delay include genetic mutations that may be linked to a rare disease, structural brain abnormalities, trauma, pregnancy or birth complications, or infection.

30% of individuals with DEEs (a group of severe epilepsies characterized by seizures that are often not controlled with medication, as well as developmental delay or loss of developmental skill) who do not have structural or metabolic findings have an underlying genetic change that is causing their symptoms.

Genetic mutations are not always passed on from parent to child.

Genetic mutations are not always hereditary; meaning no history of genetic conditions in your family does not rule out the possibility of a genetic mutation causing the seizures and developmental delay.

There are many rare genetic conditions that occur due to what is called a de novo genetic mutation.

  • A de novo genetic mutation is a genetic mutation that occurs randomly; it is not passed down from parent to child.
  • As a result, you may not have a family history of a genetic condition, but a genetic mutation could still cause symptoms.

Why is it important to understand what is causing my or my loved one's seizures and developmental delay?

  • Learn about additional treatment options you or your loved ones may be eligible for.
  • Help your physician avoid prescribing medications that could worsen symptoms. 
  • Find centers of excellence that can provide specialized care from physicians experienced in treating the same symptom(s) / disease(s).
  • Connect with other families caring for individuals living with the same condition.
  • Identify clinical trials where you or your loved ones may have the opportunity to receive potentially life-altering medication at little or no cost. 
What is a genetic mutation?
A genetic mutation is a change in an individual’s DNA that often has no impact at all, but can cause illness or genetic disorders
50% of children with epilepsy have some form of learning difficulty, while 15% of the general population have some form of learning difficulty.1
15% of patients on three or more anti-seizure medications have an underlying genetic mutation that is causing their symptoms.
Signs of seizures in infancy and childhood
Seizures and associated clinical conditions

How do I know if my or my loved one’s symptoms indicate genetic seizure disorders?

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