About Ambit

AmbitCare can help you and your loved ones find answers for your symptoms.

At AmbitCare, our mission is to transform every life that is touched by rare disease.

AmbitCare provides free genetic counseling and testing

to those who qualify.

Signing up for AmbitCare’s 1:1 support takes minutes

and you will receive personalized support within 72 hours of signing up.

Our free genetic counseling and testing take around a month

should you or a loved one qualify.

Avoid the long search and misinformation with our tailored resource library

outlining relevant facts about rare diseases of interest.

Get connected with patient advocacy groups

with our partner organizations for timely updates.

We are dedicated to serving families by reducing the time to complete diagnosis and providing customized rare disease resources once diagnosed. We provide free resources including free genetic services for qualified patients and 1:1 support to help you and your loved ones take control of your medical journey.

See if you or a loved one qualifies for free genetic services and join our community today.

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Mowat-Wilson Syndrome Foundation
Epilepsy Foundation
SYNGAP Research Fund
SYNGAP1 Foundation
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Interested in joining our team?

At Ambit we are on a mission to transform every life touched by rare disease. We are looking for people who share that passion, excel in their work, and are able to approach ambiguity with resourcefulness and creativity. As a company, we are flexible, ambitious, collaborative, and success-driven. We are currently hiring for a range of positions.  

Email us at careers@ambitinc.com if you are interested in applying or view our open positions:

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